Styling concept for Atrium Ljungberg's 1640 m2 headquarters in Stockholm.
Awarded Sweden’s best looking office 2018 at Kontorsdagen. Project nominated to interior architecture award Guldstolen 2018.
Photo 1 by Hanna Frick.

Studio Hilda is a creative consultancy in the field of interior design as well as an art gallery by appointment.

Sara Rydberg Nilsson is passionate about creating spaces that enhance wellbeing for her clients. Sara collaborates with a network of tradespeople, artisans and designers in a tailored approach to each project. Sustainability remains at the forefront as Sara often works with vintage pieces as well as locally made art and craft.

Sara holds a master’s degree in organisational psychology and is a certified interior designer.

Clients include Atrium Ljungberg, Leveriet, Strömma Kanalbolaget, Qasa, Convendum as well as private clients in and around Stockholm. Sara’s work has been published in international magazines RUM-ID, Elle Decoration, Neo2 Magazine and Sight Unseen.

Styling concept for Leveriet, a premium package delivery service,
with locations in Sickla, Farsta, Malmö and Uppsala.

Styling concept for private client in Reimersholme.     +46 70 5546 187    Villagatan 24   114 32 Stockholm



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